How do you deliver a
Competitive Benefits Experience
without a large investment of time and money?

and HIGH TOUCH CUSTOMER CARE that employers demand

Technology Drives Innovation

Transparent Healthcare delivers innovative technology solutions that can reduce the cost of care while improving the member experience.

Electronic version of member ID card with real-time eligibility.

My Account:
Member demographics, policies, and plan benefits.

Connect to a live doctor in one-click.

Customer Service:
Multi-lingual support for all benefits through live chat or phone.

Customer service team will make provider appointments, ensuring members stay in network.

Outbound communication to employees to drive behavior and engagement.

Easy real-time claims upload using camera.

Your Brand:
App is completely customized with your branding

Innovative Medical Network

Nationwide Network Solutions for MEC and Limited Med Plans

  • “On Demand” Networks in the offices your members want to visit
  • Rates Based on Medicare
  • No Network Leasing Fees

NY/NJ Area Network

  • 5,000+ Providers
  • Primary care and 70+ Specialties, including Radiology and Laboratory Services
  • Contracted at 100% of Medicare
  • Established in 2010

Enrollment Technologies

  • Enrollment Portal
  • Online and Voice Eligibility System
  • Electronic Health Application
  • Voice Signature System

Custom Client Analytics

  • Understand Benefits Utilization
  • Identify ways to lower costs
  • Analyze trends

Understanding Healthcare Benefits Starts with ...

Hello!     Hola!     Bonjou!     Здравствуйте!

  • Enrollment
    • Outbound phone calls to employees are made by our multi-lingual customer service team to answer questions and confirm coverage options. We make sure employees have the information they need to make informed decisions about their health care benefits.
  • Outbound Welcome Calls
    • It starts with Hello! When benefit packages are mailed to the employee, we make outbound phone calls to each member and open the lines of communication. Our multi-lingual team reviews the member benefits and we make sure they know that our number is all they need to get their questions answered…it’s the start of a great relationship!
  • Telemedicine
    • We are your employees’ advocate – getting them the care they need when they need it. We have a 30% telemedicine utilization rate – far above the industry standard – and we can work with the telemedicine provider of your choice. We assist in account activation and remind employees about this valuable benefit during all inbound and outbound calls, saving members time and money.
  • Utilizing Benefits
    • Our goal is to eliminate all surprises in coverage. Our concierge customer service team will find in-network providers and confirm coverage to ensure a seamless experience. We’ll even make the appointment for our members! We help members with all their ancillary benefits too, from wellness programs to mail-order Rx.
  • Single Point of Contact
    • We treat our members like family! Our concierge customer care wraps across all benefits – driving savings to the employer and the employee. It couldn’t be easier.