Our network and concierge customer service enables straight-forward access to affordable healthcare for the functionally uninsured.

Americans are fed up with the difficult process and cost of health insurance.
We call those who struggle with premiums & high deductibles functionally uninsured.
Functionally uninsured Americans have health insurance, but risk unaffordable out of pocket expenses.

Putting the pieces together

  • Innovative proprietary medical network, priced at 100% of Medicare, delivers significant cost savings
  • Real time claims pricing engine shows true cost transparency
  • Premier customer service guides healthcare consumers through the confusing healthcare lanscape

Solving the healthcare puzzle

  • We make MEC and Limited Med Plans better by providing affordable access to everyday medical care
  • We make ACA Plans better by helping our customer navigate high deductibles and narrow networks

Transparent Healthcare builds solutions for the functionally uninsured. Want to learn more?
Give us a call (877) 571-8950 or drop us an email at

Innovative Medical Network

Bringing Clarity & Common Sense to Medical Care

  • Innovative healthcare solution with clear pricing & direct payment
  • 6500 providers in NY/NJ Metro Area, Primary Care & 70 Specialists,
    including Lab & Radiology
  • Contracted Rate Based on 100% of Medicare
  • Access to healthcare beyond preventative services – Patient advocacy
  • Utilization reporting


It starts with Hello, Hola, Alo, Здравствуйте:

Our multi-lingual customer service team will call each new member to

  • Welcome them to their healthcare program
  • Review the benefits in their Welcome Package
  • Answer any questions

We’re there every step of the way:

Helping employees maximize their benefits by

  • Locating providers
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Confirming benefits with the patient & provider

We treat our members like family:

Helping members to navigate their benefits and maximize their healthcare dollars, delivering an uncommon, caring level of service.

About Us

Transparent Healthcare’s founder, Betty Heiman, ran successful medical practices, where she saw patients arrive at her offices with credit cards and cash, but no insurance.  These patients were left to navigate the healthcare world on their own.  Medical pricing varied from office to office, pharmacy to pharmacy.  With no real ability to predict the cost of medical care, uninsured individuals had no method to budget for their expected medical expenses – and no way of knowing if they were being charged a fair market rate.  Betty soon realized something had to be done to provide affordable healthcare and price transparency to the uninsured.  And Transparent Health Group was born!
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