About Us

Transparent Healthcare’s founder, Betty Heiman, ran successful medical practices, where she saw patients arrive at her offices with credit cards and cash, but no insurance. These patients were left to navigate the healthcare world on their own. Medical pricing varied from office to office, pharmacy to pharmacy. With no real ability to predict the cost of medical care, uninsured individuals had no method to budget for their expected medical expenses – and no way of knowing if they were being charged a fair market rate. Betty soon realized something had to be done to provide affordable healthcare and price transparency to the uninsured. And Transparent Health Group was born!

Betty gathered a team of entrepreneurs who believed that

Everyone should have access to quality healthcare at affordable prices, regardless of employment status, age or medical history Healthcare could be simple – patients dealing directly with providers with no middle man processing claims or making medical denials.

To ensure the highest quality network possible, Transparent Healthcare built their own network to avoid being part of a prepackaged network with providers unaware they were part of the plan. Providers and medical service companies in Transparent Healthcare’s network share a commitment to provide the working uninsured and under-insured with quality health care at affordable prices.

Additionally, the Transparent Healthcare network puts healthcare decision-making back where it belongs: in the hands of caring providers who can discuss treatment options with their patients without concerns about pre-authorization, referrals or denials from a disinterested third party.

Transparent Healthcare recognizes that doctors and specialists are only part of an individual’s medical care, therefore Radiology, Laboratory services, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision and other specialty services are included as well. THC members also get free access to a Telemedicine Network 24/7/365, so members can get care whenever they need it.

Transparent Healthcare is not insurance. Its members are responsible for paying providers directly when services are rendered. Direct payments keep costs down, eliminating the need for cumbersome claims processing, payment delays, denials, pre-authorizations and referrals. Transparent Healthcare offers something else insurance companies don’t – transparency. Transparent Healthcare features online access to fee schedules for common services allowing members to be aware of costs before their medical appointment.

With Transparent Healthcare, the uninsured are no longer alone, they have the power of thousands of members behind them, all using this affordable and easy access to quality healthcare. For the first time, patients can know their costs ahead of time and be confident that they are not paying too much – transparent pricing has finally come to healthcare.