A New Definition of Customer Service

It starts with…


We Deliver

  • Lower cost healthcare for the employer
  • Reduced out-of-pocket expenses for the employee
  • Clarity, so employees can understand and maximize their benefits

Hello.Healthcare’s services improve the bottom line for employers and employees:

  • Claims Cost savings of over 30%
  • Hospital Bill Review saves an average of $365/person
  • Time is money. On average, Hello.Healthcare saves an employee 1hr/month through our one-stop customer service for all benefits and 2 hrs/appointment made.

Hello.Healthcare leverages best practices, fosters culture change and drives engagement to maximize benefits.

Understanding Healthcare Benefits Starts with …

Hello!     Hola!     Bonjou!     Здравствуйте!

  • When your employees are enrolling…
    • we make outbound phone calls to ensure they understand the benefits being offered to them, as well as helping your team weigh their options  to make informed decisions about their healthcare.
  • When their benefits package arrives at their homes…
    • each employee is contacted by our multi-lingual Customer Service Team to confirm and answer any questions. We make sure employees know that our phone number is all they need to get their benefit questions answered.
  • When they need to see a doctor…
    • we will find the right In-Network care providers, and compare costs to ensure the best pricing for your, and your employees’, bottom line. We source quality comparisons to secure the appropriate level of care they need. We’ll make the appointment for them!
  • When they use TeleMedicine…
    • we are your employee’s advocate – getting them the care they need when they need it. We have a 20% utilization rate, far above the industry standard. We assist in account activation and consistently remind employees to use this valuable benefit, which saves them time and money.
  • When they need to fill a prescription…
    • we will find the best price for their medication in their neighborhood. We will help with Mail Order Rx too. We take the worry and stress away from your employees, driving savings back into their pockets.

No Cost, No Copay

TELADOC allows employees to talk to a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no cost. These doctors can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication, if necessary, for many medical issues.

Through the use of concierge service and individual member outreach, Hello.Healthcare generally sees up to 20% utilization in telelmedicine overall as compared to 3-5% elsewhere.

We’ll design a plan for you and your employees delivering lower costs, clarity and caring customer service.


Hello.Healthcare ($9.00 PEPM)

It’s starts with hello …

Outbound Welcome Calls – Our multilingual customer service team will call each new member to welcome them to their healthcare program, review the benefits in their Welcome Package and answer any questions

Customer Service – A single point of contact for employees when they need to

  • See a doctor
  • Fill a prescription
  • Navigate their benefits (Dental, Vision, Transit, etc)

Hello.Healthcare Plus ($17.00 PEPM)

Includes all standard plan benefits, plus

  • Teladoc, unlimited, no cost consultations
  • Provider fee comparison
  • Hospital bill review
  • Custom plan benefit promotion
  • Utilization reporting

Optional Add Ons (priced upon request)

Enrollment – trained CSR’s review benefits with each employee, in your employee’s own language, address individual concerns, and ensure timely filing

Fulfillment – our unique orange envelopes and activation messaging drive engagement